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Next Mission Protocol


Accomplish More in 90 Days Than Most People Do All Year!


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Laser Focus

Massive Momentum




What's My Investment?

How much more time will you waste trying to change who you are? How many times will you miss the chance to build special memories with your family? How many nights will you lay awake feeling that you don't make a real difference anymore? How many more promotions will go to someone else?  Will you wake up in twenty years frustrated and angry because you didn't have the clarity and direction in your own life to achieve your mission?


"People who don't have a mission will be used by people who do"

-- Jeff Cockrell


When will you identify Your NEXT mission?

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Next Mission Protocol


Get moving again. Use the Next Mission Protocol worksheet to identify your next mission and create more momentum in your life - personally and professionally.


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...and Have More Of THESE In Your Life.



SLICE through the "fog" with simple LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES that work.



FASTER RESULTS with LESS EFFORT; achieve what matters most.  



TRANSFORM your life from a "never-ending" task list into an ADVENTURE you can enjoy. 
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Civilian Life Can Feel Like a Maze!


  • You feel like you're walking point ALONE!
  • There is NO camradery anymore.
  • There's no real TEAMWORK at work.
  • Feelings matter more than results.
  • No one gives you a straight answer!
  • There's no clear path forward.

So, Get Someone to  Guide You Through It!


  • 40+ years of leadership experience
  • Former Navy Commander
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Dale Carnegie Master Trainer
  • 7,000+ guided successfully
  • 7,000+ found better jobs, built stronger families, and live better lives
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Blast Through To Your Next Mission

Leverage your talent, training, and ability
and maximize your momentum and your success.

Identify Your Objective


Gain razor-sharp clarity; cut through the "fog" of civilian life; feel your stress disappear.

Operationalize & Execute


Leverage your military experience.  Race ahead of your competition. Be the leader your family deserves.

Be the Hero

Role-model the way for your family.  Set the bar for future veterans.  Show them what's possible.   
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What is Veteran Academy?


At, we know Veterans are highly motivated, mission-driven and eager to...