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Gettin' Short?

Learn these two little-known secrets that EVERY veteran MUST KNOW to succeed BIG in the civilian world.


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Is it worth it?


Feeling like a stranger in a strange land?  Frustrated because it seems everyone is speaking a different language?  Miss the camradery and teamwork of the service?  Does it seem like priorities change every day?  Struggling to see a clear path forward?

You were told that your military service would prepare you for success.  Now you're out, in the civilian world, and everything seems so.....foreign.


It should NOT be this way!


As a veteran, you KNOW you have the talent, ability, experience, and drive to be wildly successful.  But, can't seem to "Break the Code."


These 2 key insights can help you begin to unlock success in this new environment. 


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Succeed BIG in Your NEXT Mission.



KNOWING and ACTING on what's BEST for you, your loved ones, and the lifestyle you and they deserve.



Experience FASTER RESULTS with LESS EFFORT as you FOCUS your energy, attention, and effort on WHAT MATTERS MOST.  



TRANSFORM your life into a GRAND ADVENTURE to be enjoyed along the way instead of a never-ending task list. 
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Civilian Life is Tough


  • There is NO camradery anymore - you are walking point ALONE!
  • "TEAMWORK" doesn't mean what it should mean.  There is no "pulling together."
  • It seems like every promotion you get makes someone else angry.
  • Feelings seem to matter more than results.
  • It's almost impossible to get a straight answer.

WE Can Do This!


  • 20+ years helping people learn to REAL build rapport.
  • More than 3,500 people promoted or in new (better) jobs.
  • 40+ years of leadership experience (military and corporate).
  • Dale Carnegie (Master) Trainer
  • Certified High Performance Coach.
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The Veteran Academy S.H.O.R.T. cut

Identify Your Objective


With razor-sharp clarity, you'll cut through the "fog" of civilian life, and feel your stress melt away.

Operationalize & Execute


Effectively leverage your experience, race ahead of your competition, continue being the leader your family deserves.

Be a Hero


Role-model the way for your family and set the bar for future veterans.  Help them see what's truly possible.  


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