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Veterans don't usually talk about this, but... 

Being a Veteran in a Civilian World is tough!

Have you ever felt: 

  • Drained by a never ending to-do list?
  • Frustrated by problems that come out of nowhere?
  • Isolated because no one "gets you" anymore?
  • Unmotivated when you should be more focused?
  • Disappointed in yourself because you can't seem to stay on track?

What if it's not YOU?  What if it's your alignment?

Just like your tires, being out of alignment makes everything harder on you.

Attend this LIVE Workshop and... 

Stop Wasting Time


Imagine knowing immediately which priorities matter and which don't. By the end of this workshop, you'll be saying, "No" to the good things, so you can say, "Yes" to the best!

Unleash Your Tactical Creativity 


You're already a master at figuring out how to get it done with not enough TIME, MANPOWER, or RESOURCES.  After this workshop, you'll know when, where, and why to use that superpower!

Reconnect with Life 


Your job should support your life - NOT the other way around.  At this workshop, you'll reconnect with what matters most to re-energize you for the rest.

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I get it!


I thought success as a civilian would be easy - particularly with military experience! 

After all, nothing else was going to be as hard. 

But, suddenly, I had to care more about "feelings" than facts. 

Not offending people seemed to be more important than results.

I even had a supervisor tell me to "back off" and "stop doing so much."

Why?  Because I was making others look bad. 

They told me to change who I was.

That just didn't seem right.

Then it hit me!


For more than two decades, I've helped people adopt a new set of:

Rules of Engagement

I've seen thousands of promotions, hundreds of marriages saved, and countless parents re-connected with their kids (or each other).  (I've even seen it lower blood-pressure.)

Don't change who you are,...

Change how you show up!

I've helped nearly 10,000 individuals - veterans AND non-veterans - so I know that with the right guide:

You can do this, too!

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Just 3 Simple Steps

Attend the Workshop


Build a vivid vision, identify your highest priorities and create a personalized plan to achieve them.

Execute On Your Plan


Accomplish your goals faster and easier as you stay on track with what matters most.

Celebrate Your Success


Relish your achievements and enjoy your momentum as you charge forward into your dream life!

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At Veteran Academy...


At, we believe that you are a New kind of Veteran who understands that your success, personally and professionally, is your responsibility and you just want to be left alone to raise your family in peace.

To do that quickly and efficiently, you need a way that leverages your military experiences, training, and talents as part of a planned path forward to accelerate you toward YOUR goals. 

The problem is our nation is becoming "woke."  And now:

  • Feelings matter more than facts?  
  • Being straightforward with people is somehow "creating a hostile work environment"? 
  • Hard work makes others "look bad," so you should lower YOUR standards?
  • Strategies and tactics of the most powerful military on the planet are suddenly not effective in business?

At the same time some people are saying, "Thank you for your service," others are telling you that you are somehow "broken" and don't fit in anymore. 

On top of that, the freedoms you fought for and sacrificed for are being destroyed.  The country you protected from foreign foes is being torn down by domestic enemies, and weak leaders who allow it.  

It makes you feel frustrated and angry.

And that is wrong!

At, we believe:

  • We believe it's wrong that you have to watch this country, OUR country, being torn apart by people who have NEVER seen the real horrors in the rest of the world.
  • We believe it's wrong that you have been told you don't "fit in" anymore. 
  • We believe you are NOT "broken" and don't need to be "fixed." 
  • We believe you are the New Veteran our country needs. 

We understand that you love this country, and that you have served honorably.  But, you're tired of fighting, and you don't want more conflict in your life. 

That's why your next mission is:

Your Own Personal and Professional Success!

Your success matters because when you are more successful, you have more power.  Mao Zedong said, "Political power grows from the barrel of a gun."  (That's probably true in Communist China.)

But here, in the US, political power grows from a checkbook.

So, it's important that you have a healthy balance in yours:

Over more than two decades, we have helped thousands of individuals succeed both personally and professionally.  We've helped them get promoted, re-connect with their spouse, repair and strengthen bonds with their kids, and better manage their worry and stress. 

The first steps are simple:

  • Attend the Workshop
  • Execute on YOUR Plan
  • Celebrate Your Success 

(Obviously, there's some work in the middle.  "Simple" does not mean "easy.")


  1. Register for the LIVE Workshop, and 
  2. STOP watching from the sidelines. 
  3. STOP feeling frustrated, angry, and helpless as our country goes down the toilet. 

START looking forward to the day when your children and grandchildren will thank you for the freedoms they get to enjoy.

START being the New Veteran this country needs, NOW!

Register for the LIVE Workshop