What is Veteran Academy?

At VeteranAcademy.com, we know Veterans are highly motivated, mission-driven and eager to take on their NEXT mission - success as a civilian. 

To do that, Veterans need to "break the code" on the civilian world, so they can truly achieve the kind of success they are capable of.

The problem is: 

Veterans have been programmed with...

...a set of strategies and tactics...

...for dealing with people and situations...

...which work well in the military,


DON'T work well in the civilian world!

In fact, it seems the we harder we try, the worse it gets.

  • Promotions and pay increases go to other, less-qualified associates;
  • You're surrounded by back-stabbing teammates;
  • Priorities are constantly shifting, and
  • There's no clear direction.

It's incredibly frustrating!

And, it's WRONG!   You don't deserve that.

You've served honorably.

Maybe you've led men in combat, or in other high-pressure situations, where failure was not an option.

You've worked through situations most civilians can't even imagine.

Your talent, your experience, your maturity, your work ethic, and your performance prove you are capable of so much more than you're being asked (or allowed) to do.

At VeteranAcademy.com, we get it.

We've helped hundreds of veterans to "fast-track" their careers, prioritize their health, and connect more deeply with their families. 

Veterans are ALREADY talented, disciplined and mission-driven. 

We help Veterans zero in on the right next mission for THEM, and help them sharpen the tools they need to accomplish it!

As a result, we find our Veterans: 

  • MULTIPLY their productivity, 
  • MAGNIFY their effectiveness as leaders NOW,
  • STRENGTHEN their relationships at work and at home, and even
  • REDUCE their blood-pressure!

It's a surprisingly simple process:

  1. Identify the LIFE you want.  Feel the same certainty you felt after a mission briefing, because you KNOW exactly where you're headed.
  2. Operationalize and Execute.  Be the calm in the center of the storm.  Assess, prioritize, and accomplish YOUR  "mission objectives," to take consistent action on what matters most to YOU and to YOUR loved ones.  
  3. Enjoy your success.  Stop waiting until "Mission Accomplished" to celebrate.  Maintain morale and momentum as you learn to celebrate along the way, which helps you recalibrate AND strengthen the relationships which matter most!

Sounds simple, doesn't it?  But, as veterans, we already know this important truth...

"Simple" does not mean "Easy."

Too many Veterans feel isolated and alone, because they forget this.

When they're frustrated and angry BECAUSE it's not as easy as they've been told it should be,  

When they can't point to some major trauma they have,

Many Veterans are too embarrassed to admit that...

This transition to civilian life IS hard

Too many Veterans believe they're the only one struggling, and

if they just...



Things will improve.

But, things don't improve.

They become like a lone wolf,

separated from their pack,

pushed out of their hunting ground,

prowling at the edge of the forest,

hungry, gaunt, overly cautious

with no one to rely on.

They feel




It doesn't have to be that way.

When you join Veteran Academy, you stop being the lone wolf, prowling along the edge of the forest, afraid to step into the open.

Join Veteran Academy and boldly tackle your next mission knowing you are well-equipped with the right tools.

Communication and leadership tools proven to:

  • ELEVATE your performance, and to
  • ACCELERATE your success.

Productivity and energy tools which are will

reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment in

all aspects of your life!


Let me ask you a question...

Imagine this...

You are coming home, after a full day of work, with energy to spare.

You bounce in the door,

your kids rush to meet you, and

you start playing together.

Not "half-a$$ing it," but full out, totally present FUN!

And, later on, when you and your wife are headed out the door to your kid's ball game or recital, you are excited about it. You're fully alert, focused on their success, and celebrating it with them.

You don't give your job another thought, because you know you are performing at a high level, your team is dedicated, devoted, and productive.

When you lay your head on the pillow and look into your spouse's eyes, you know you're still her hero.

Join Veteran Academy and equip yourself to win in your next, most important mission -


Achieving Success for YOU

and for those YOU LOVE! 

At the end of the day, isn't that REALLY what you want?


That's why you should join us at VeteranAcademy.com.